There is something to be said about the power of a plumped pout to rejuvenate or renew our look. We all face the challenge of volume loss in our lips over time; this translates into wrinkles, receding lips and an obscured vermillion border. Even before the signs of aging have set in, we may not be satisfied with the size, shape and symmetry of our smile. Whatever the case may be, a safe, lasting and refined solution exists: a lip enhancement treatment with dermal fillers.

At W180MD, we take an artistic, expert approach to volume restoration that encompasses your unique physiological features. The lips are augmented using hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers that restore and build volume as needed. The aim is to achieve exquisite results that flatter the natural lip shape. To learn more about dermal fillers, or to book a lip augmentation appointment, contact us to arrange a personal, professional consultation.

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