While wrinkles denote wisdom and character, they can also contribute to a stressed and tired look. There are a variety of ways to prevent and minimize wrinkles that improve the overall health of the skin and impart a refreshed and rested quality to the face. Not every wrinkle is created equal, which is why a multifaceted treatment plan is ideal to manage and correct them: treatments with injectables such as Botox® Cosmetic can inhibit the muscle tension that contributes to deep expression lines like crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles; dermal filler treatments can soften and smooth folds and lines around the mouth; the high concentration of active ingredients in professional skincare refines the skin’s surface and activates collagen synthesis to smooth wrinkles; and skin tightening treatments rebuild collagen to firm lax skin and thereby smooth static wrinkles. To learn more about these wrinkle treatments, we welcome you to book a personal, professional consultation.

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