Body contouring is one of the fastest growing branches of aesthetic medicine. Along with this rapid growth comes procedures that can be painful, time consuming and ineffective. Vanquish™ is a radiofrequency technological breakthrough that addresses all of these concerns. It offers:

  • A pain-free, fast and efficient treatment experience
  • Contactless technology—no uncomfortable suction or freezing
  • The uniform treatment of large surface areas
  • FDA and Health Canada approval
  • Clinically proven results

How it Works

Vanquish™ uses radiofrequency waves to target fat cells, heating them up enough to cause cell death without damaging the surrounding tissues. Treatments are safe, comfortable and efficient. The applicator is suspended about an inch above the skin as the radiofrequency waves set to work on unwanted fat. An “all at once” approach allows for larger surface areas to be treated which include the abdomen and love handles, or the inner thighs and saddlebags.

Recovery & Results

There is no downtime or pain with a Vanquish™ treatment; patients can expect an immediate return to their regular routines. The sensation of the treatment is often likened to relaxing under a heat lamp, and after a session, the skin may be slightly pink and warm. As the treatment destroys the targeted fat cells, the resulting fat loss is permanent.