Aging changes, childbirth and weight gain can all negatively impact the gynaecological (vaginal) health of women. The consequences of these developments can include incontinence, sexual discomfort, and/or a loss of sexual sensation. Traditionally, approaches to correct the concern of a weak pelvic floor or atrophied connective tissue of the vaginal wall—such as Kegel exercises and surgical intervention—have produced minimally satisfying results. Fortunately, advancements in laser technology have led to significant improvements for vaginal tightening and a marked reduction in incontinence. Kelowna and Okanagan Valley patients can now opt for treatment with Intimalase™ and Incontilase™ to safely and comfortably restore feminine wellness.

How it Works

The Incontilase™ and Intimalase™ treatments have a photo-thermal heating effect on the connective tissues of the vaginal walls and urethra. This heat initiates the restructuring and regrowth of collagen, which results in the thickening and tightening of the vaginal walls and urethra to reduce atrophy and prevent urine loss.

This fast and simple non-surgical procedure is highly effective, pain free and safe. During the 15-minute treatment, a special attachment—a speculum, similar to those used in a pap test—is inserted into the vagina. This allows for the entire vaginal region to be treated with short laser pulses through a small hand piece.

94% of women reported that stress urinary incontinence (SUI) improved significantly after 120 days and 68% were completely free of SUI.
95% of women indicated they experienced a more than moderate level of vaginal tightening.

Recovery & Results

Patients can return to their normal activities immediately following their procedure. Some patients may experience minimal sensitivity and a transparent discharge for 2-3 days afterwards. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for 1 week following the procedure.