If you’re looking for a natural, painless, downtime-free way to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, allow us to introduce you to JetPeel. This safe, non-invasive treatment is Kelowna and Okanagan Valley’s answer for skin rejuvenation, facial deep cleansing, and moisturizing. Suitable for all skin types, JetPeel can treat skin texture, pigmentation, and even wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment dramatically and instantly improves the skin’s appearance and health, for a fresh, glowing complexion.

How it Works

Think of the JetPeel as a pressure wash for your skin. JetPeel takes water, saline, and/or customized serums, and accelerates them into your skin using pressurized air.

A special nozzle breaks the liquid into micro-droplets, which gently and painlessly penetrate the skin, unclogging pores, removing debris, and allowing the subdermal layer to absorb the solution being infused. The result is a fresh and youthful appearance, in less than an hour.

Recovery & Results

Following treatment, some mild redness may be present, but should dissipate within a few hours. Patients can return to their regular activities in the meantime. Results, which include improved skin texture, reduced pigmentation, and wrinkle reduction, may be apparent following a single treatment, but a series of treatments every 2 to 4 weeks is often recommended depending on the condition being treated and your aesthetic goals.