We’ve got the most natural summertime glow in all of Kelowna. Our innovative system allows you to choose the depth of your tan, and gives us control over the subtlety, application, and tone of the tan and how it lands on your skin. At W180MD the price of a spray tan is $65.

Our Kelowna team knows that the best spray tans emulate a glorious summer glow. Everyone will notice you look fabulous, but no one would ever imagine it’s a spray tan! The classic spray tan trope is that a spray tan always looks orange or fake. This is why it’s so important to seek professional spray tanning rather than navigating the orange maze of do-it-yourself attempts gone wrong.

At W180MD Kelowna we specialize in assessing your skin tone, colour and texture to understand how the sun naturally hits your skin – so we can recreate the natural appearance of time spent at the beach. Let us handle your summertime skin; we’ll create an even, natural glow you’ll love.

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